You want to feed your family nutritious meals, but your best intentions get hijacked by the picky eaters in your family--the kids. 
We understand.
It can feel near impossible, competing with the “kid friendly” diet that America has defined as pizza, burgers and fries. 
And why spend the time learning new recipes, shopping for ingredients, and preparing complex dishes, just to end up fighting at the dinner table to get your kids to eat it?

STOP the vicious cycle of dinnertime drama with
Five Recipes Any Kid Will Eat! by The Fresh 20.

Download these five free recipes and learn:
  • The secret to preparing delicious, nutritious meals that your whole family will love!
  • New ideas for introducing foods to picky eaters.
  • Techniques for making time spent shopping, preparing, and cooking more efficient.

It’s time to change what “kid friendly,” means. Bring back health and taste, with recipes your kids will love--guaranteed!
What our cutomers are saying
“I have 3 veggie fearing kids. Dinner time used to be a stressful time. From the planning to the serving none of the process was enjoyable. One day I decided that my youngest would be my sous chef. I was secretly hoping that if she helped prepare dinner, she might eat it. I hate planning and shopping so I wanted something like the Once A Month Cooking plan that was focused on whole real foods. I stumble across The Fresh 20 by accident, but fell in love instantly. 
My husband is vegetarian, my 3 kids eat junk so I was a little worried at first. The prep work went very well. The first meal was Lentils with asparagus and quinoa. My daughter helped prepare the meal. She even sample raw asparagus! Once it was time to serve she ran through the house yelling "dinner is ready! Who wants delicious asparagus and other healthy food!?!" She is 5. 
Dinner was not complete stress and cleanup a breeze. The next day all 3 kids bragged to grandma how yummy their dinner was! I could not be more happy with the service you provide. It is tough to plan healthy meals when I work full time, attend college full time and have 3 other schedules to manage. Thank you again for all you do.”
~ Ann Massens, Mom to three picky-eaters